I write books, magazine articles, technical documentation and user manuals. I have extensive experience writing for expert and non-technical audiences. Leveraging my own technical background, I delight in learning from experts so I can share their knowledge with my readers.

Key Writing Samples:

• A consumer-friendly, easy-reading book for performing musicians (READ NOW)

• A thoroughly-researched life-safety article for professional readers (READ NOW)

• A customer-facing, technical marketing website for a distributed control system (READ NOW)

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I am the author of five books on music and sound technology. Titles include Live Sound For Musicians & Mackie Compact Mixers, both published by Hal Leonard. Read the FIRST CHAPTER of Live Sound For Musicians!

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I wrote the copy, did the illustrations and photography and web authoring for this customer-facing section of Lionel's Model Train's Website.

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In-App Help

Here's an in-App help system I created for an iPad App. It is a collection of HTML files styled using RapidWeaver. This content can be accessed in a context-sensitive manner from directly within the App, or viewed via the Web as shown here.

Code & Technical Skills

I enjoy working in highly technical environments. From UNIX system administration, design automation and applications engineer positions up to Director-level roles, I am quick to grasp system concepts and I excel at translating between technical and non-technical users.

Some of my skills include:

  • Managed a third-party developer program. Evangelized, signed up developers, generated technical documentation, answered their questions or passed them on to our programming staff when necessary.
  • Familiar with the iOS XCode development environment: modify code, compile, upload to App Store and manage release process.
  • Apple App Store and iTunes store management and administration
  • HTML and XML and Markdown editing
  • Batch processing of large file sets
  • Extensive BASH shell scripting experience
  • Programming skills for SONIX 36k sound chip integrated circuit family
  • Unix command line/OS X terminal Window
  • PIC micro-controller/MPLAB development environment. Modify C code, compile, use emulator/hardware programmer
  • Raspberry Pi media server and samba server setup and administration.
  • Acoustical measurements of loudspeaker and enclosures
  • Basic electronics tech, soldering, read schematic diagrams, trouble-shooting