Code & Technical Skills

I enjoy working in highly technical environments. From UNIX system administration, design automation and applications engineer positions to Director-level roles, I am quick to grasp system concepts and often find myself translating between technical and non-technical users.

Some of my skills include:

  • iOS XCode development environment: compile, modify code, archive and upload to App Store
  • Apple App Store and iTunes store management and administration
  • Lots of Technical Writing
  • In-App help system for iOS
  • HTML and XML editing
  • Batch processing of large file sets
  • Extensive BASH shell scripting experience
  • Programming skills for SONIX 36k sound chip integrated circuit family
  • Unix command line/OS X terminal Window
  • PIC micro-controller/MPLAB development environment. Modify C code, compile, use emulator/hardware programmer
  • Acoustical measurements of loudspeaker and enclosures
  • Basic electronics tech, soldering, read schematic diagrams, trouble-shooting