I've written five books on sound and music technology.

Live Sound For Musicians


Live Sound For Musicians shows you how to keep your PA system working smoothly, from set up and soundcheck right through your performance. If you're the guy or gal in the band who runs the PA, this is the book you've been waiting for!

Topics Include

  • Sound System Basics
  • Parts of the System
  • Setting Up Your PA
  • Soundcheck and Troubleshooting
  • Mixing, Effects and Monitors
  • Sample Setups and more!

Hal Leonard Publishing

Mackie Compact Mixers


Mackie Compact Mixers is the definitive resource for practical advice on all small mixing boards. The revised edition covers 18 models in all, including VLZ-PRO, CFX, SR and PPM mixers. Also covers Mackie's classic MS1202 and CR-1604 boards. This book is an excellent introduction for those using small mixers of any model or brand.

Topics Include

  • Mixer Basics
  • Understanding Signal Flow
  • Using EQ and effects
  • Recording and Mixing Applications

Hal Leonard Publishing

Concert Sound


Go behind the boards with today's top touring acts and see how the pros do sound for live shows. Concert Sound: Tours, Techniques and Technology combines exclusive coverage of 24 major tours such as U2's "ZOO TV," The Rolling Stones, Garth Brooks, k.d. lang, AC/DC and more. Also contains practical chapters on sound reinforcement techniques, the live sound business, safety issues and new technological developments.

Topics Include

  • Tour profiles
  • Monitor mixing
  • Running a sound company
  • Drum miking

Hal Leonard Publishing

Making Music With Your Computer


Whether you're a computer user entering the world of music and sound or a musician searching for the right computer, Making Music With Your Computer will bring you up to speed and help you get the most out of today's electronic music technology.

Topics Include

  • Understanding MIDI
  • Hard Disk Recording
  • MIDI sequencing
  • Notation software
  • Computers and music applications

Hal Leonard Publishing

Managing MIDI Basics


Managing MIDI Basics may be the world's shortest and simplest guide to using MIDI. But it's not light on content-learn about using MIDI with keyboards, computers, alternate controllers and using MIDI to control effects for live performance.

Alfred Publishing