Hello and thanks for your interest. You can send me email to rudy-at-trubitt-dot-com, which as you know is spelled like this:

Sorry this isn't a clickable link--I'm trying to cut down on spam. You'll have to open your mail program and type my address into a blank email message.

I'm happy to hear from you with questions about my sound design or music production services, comments or questions about something I wrote in a book or magazine. I also welcome your questions about the how's and why's of music and sound gear. I try and answer every e-mail, so please be patient! If you're looking for advice on which piece of gear to buy, I won't make product recommendations unless I've played with the gadget myself. If you have specific questions about a particular piece of gear, you're probably better served by the manufacturer's tech support folks. If I happen to be familiar with your equipment, I'll help if I can.



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