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Rudy Trubitt is a freelance writer, audio engineer/producer and musician. Rudy lives in Oakland with his wife Robin Boyce-Trubitt, daughter Riley and their charming cats Stella and Louie.

As a writer, he has worked for Electronic Musician, Musician, EQ, Pro Sound News and other magazines. For three years, he was Mix Magazine's sound reinforcement editor. He has five books to his credit, Live Sound for Musicians, Managing MIDI, Making Music With Your Computer, Concert Sound: Tours Techniques and Technology and Mackie Compact Mixers.

As an audio engineer, he specializes in music editing, mastering and production, live recording and multimedia audio. One of his most unusual gigs is recording locomotives and editing the results for Lionel toy train sound systems.

As a musician, he may be best known as a member of The Squids, an annoying, yet entertaining new-wave band popular in Hawaii around 1980. Recently, he has been performing solo acoustic-guitar shows wearing a cow suit.

He also has an extensive and varied technical background. During a stint as a regular "silicon valley guy," he installed and administered a network of Silicon Graphics UNIX workstations and PCs, did the CAD layout for numerous gallium-arsinide microwave ICs, and developed a more efficient cooling for Cuisinart food processors. Really!


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