Rudy's Easy Pesto Recipe


This is a very simple Pesto recipe, as long as you have access to a food processor. The precise quantity of ingredients are poorly documented. Experiment!


* 2 Bunches of fresh basil

* 4 sprigs of parsely

* 4-6 fat cloves of garlic

* 1small hunk of parmesean and 1 small hunk of romano cheese (each about the size of 1/2 stick of butter or so)

* 1 handful of raw pine nuts

* extra virgin olive oil

* fresh ground black pepper

* fresh lemon juice, 1/4 to 1/2 a lemon (optional).


Cube the cheese to make it easier to grind. Put it in the processor bowl with the "S" blade and reduce it to a medium grind. When the cheese is nearly ground, toss in the pine nuts and buzz them along with the cheese. Remove from the processor bowl and set aside.

Peel the garlic. Wash and spin or drip-dry the herbs.

Put the garlic in the bowl with the "S" blade. Add the herbs on top of that. Using very short pulses, mince the herbs. You'll probably need to remove the lid and stir the bigger pieces so they get chopped. Don't over-process! It should be medium-fine chopped, not mush. We're talking about 20 or 30 seconds of chopping time, total.

Add the cheese to the bowl and pour some olive oil over it-start with about 6-8 tablespoons. Pulse the processor to mix the cheese and herbs. Grind a bit of pepper over and add more oil as needed. Again, don't over-process. The pesto should be well mixed, but not liquified.

Finished pesto can be tossed with warm or cold pasta (choose a fun shape!). I like to sprinke it liberally with chopped raw tomatoes to lighten things up.

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