Album Projects


 I do a variety of music production gigs, including music editing/CD pre-mastering, studio and live recording and live sound.

I've done music editing projects for the Santana Band, including edits for radio mixes, a live album (Japan release) and live broadcasts.

One regular client is Monarch Records, of Palo Alto, CA. This independant Jazz Label specializes in live to two-track albums. I've done assembly work on a significant of their catalog, including CDs by The Cedar Walton Trio, Alex Murzyn, Mimi Fox and others

     I recently produced a CD for, and then joined, Yaweh's Mistake, a San Francisco-based band. Led by singer/songwriter/guitarist Dave Carr, the band plays interesting songs in the alternative rock vein.
     I engineered and co-produced a CD for Gary Gates and the Cashmere Bums, who are based in Santa Cruz and other Peninsula points. We tracked this six piece band live with monitor wedges and no headphones. Although they did a few overdubs, all the lead vocals and solos were recorded live along with everything else. The band has a substantial live following. Fitting in loosely to the "Bay Rock" genere, the band has a great live feel and an improvisional style with a hint of an "island" vibe.

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