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Making Music With Your Computer
David (Rudy) Trubitt, ed.
©1993, 128 pp. (P) $17.95

While there is still useful information in this book, be advised that it's getting a little old. I'd say about 50% of the material is still completely relevant. Another 25% is still somewhat useful from a conceptual standpoint, and the remainder is hopelessly out of date.

And now, the marketing blurb:

"Whether you're a computer user entering the world of music and sound or a musician searching for the right computer, Making Music With Your Computer will bring you up to speed and help you get the most out of today's electronic music technology. You'll discover the many ways computers can contribute to the creative process and get tips on selecting the right programs and gear for you needs. Topics such as MIDI sequencing, music notation, hard disk recording and desktop multimedia are explained in clear, easy-to-understand terms. Also includes a directory of music hardware and software manufacturers, plus an extensive glossary."

--Mix Bookshelf



Part 1. Computers, MIDI and Electronic Music


Part 2. Recording Your Music

Part 3. Printing and Arranging Your Music


Part 4. Digital Audio and Multimedia



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