Table Of Contents

Chapter 1 An Introduction to Mixers

Chapter 2 The Basics

Chapter 3 Mixer Input Concepts 1

Chapter 4 Mackie Input Channels


1402-VLZ & VLZ PRO


1604-VLZ, VLZ PRO & 1642-VLZ PRO


PPM Series

CFX Series

XDR Mic Preamps

Chapter 5 Channel Routing Controls

Chapter 6 Mackie Signal Routing

Chapter 7 Auxes, Inserts and Effects

Using emac

Inserts, In-Depth

Chapter 8 Mackie Auxes and Inserts

MS1202 Sends and Returns

1202- and 1402-VLZ

1604-VLZ & 1642-VLZ PRO

SR24·4, SR 32·4

PPM Series

CFX Series

Chapter 9 Output Section Concepts

Chapter 10 Mackie Output Sections



1604-VLZ, -VLZ PRO and 1642-VLZ PRO

SR24·4, SR32·4

PPM Series 154

CFX Series

Chapter 11 Cables and Connectors

Chapter 12 Hooking Things Up

Insert Examples

Aux Send and Return Hook-Ups

Stereo Mixes

Working with Multitracks

Chapter 13 Mixing Ideas

Chapter 14 Under The Hood (Block diagrams)