Here are some excerpted comments from real people who bought the book. I'd love to hear from you too, so feel free to drop me a note.

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Hey Rudy:

Just wanted to let you know how much I've enjoyed MACKIE COMPACT MIXERS. I have a long-time interest in music and electronics, but I'm not too technical. Your book came in at just the right level--very accessible writing.

Funny thing -- a few days after I got your book, I got an invite to join a local band as their "sound guy" because someone told them I read books about mixers for entertainment <grin>. So, I just ordered a copy of LIVE SOUND FOR MUSICIANS through your web site and I'm expecting that to be, again, exactly what I need.

Warmest Regards,

Dale Coyner

From: (Carl Zittrer)

Dear Rudy,

My compliments on your excellent Mackie book! Although I have used Mackie's for a couple of years (in motion picture sound post-production work), your book really cleared up a lot of foggy areas for me and has given me some new ideas.

--Carl Zittrer


Dear Mr. Trubitt,

The Mackie 1604 is the first board I've ever worked on. I found it to be cost effective, and very 'user-friendly.' But I hoped to discover more features of this board, so I bought your book.

The book has been very useful, and I have definitely exploited the information. I feel that your book is very well organized, and very clearly written. Congratulations on an excellent job!!