Acoustical Foam Mounting Tip

Acoutical foam is a quick and easy way to deaden the acoustics of a room as well as knock down annoying flutter echoes caused by parallel walls.

This quick tip shows you how to mount the foam on movable masonite backing boards hung on wall-mounted conduit. If your walls don't have conduit on them already, I'm sure you could slap some up for this purpose.

There are several advantages to this scheme:

First, you don't have to permanantly glue the foam to the walls.

Second, you can add, move or remove panels to tune the acoustics of your space.

Finally, I believe the air space behind the panels increases their effectiveness as compared to gluing the foam directly to the wall surface.

Here are a pair of 2 foot by 4 foot panels shown hung on the wall. See the conduit near the top of the foam? We're hanging the panels from that pipe.

I used masonite with pre-drilled holes as the rigid backing and glued to the foam (in this case, 2" Sonex) to the board.

But wait! Before you glue the foam down, mount a 3" long carriage bolt in each of the four corners. I believe this is 1/4" hardware, just be sure it fits through the holes in the masonite.

And the glue? The folks who sell you the foam will have the correct adhesive for the job.

Here's what the top end of a carriage bolt looks like.

For each corner, you'll need a carriage bolt, regular washer, nut, large fender washer and captive nut for the very end. The captive nut has a nylon insert that, once tightened, won't shake loose by itself. The fender washer will grab hold of the conduit, as you'll see in the next image.


And here we are. Simply tuck the fender washer between the conduit pipe and the wall and your panel is held conviniently in place.

I'm confident that the additional air space between the masonite and the wall is a benefit, acoustically speaking.

And remember to use fire-rated acoustical foam, the life you save may be your own!

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