Here are some recent articles I wrote for Roxio. Click the links to Roxio's site for the full story.

Making MP3 CDs with Easy CD Creator or Toast
by Rudy Trubitt

posted to the Roxio newsletters on December 19, 2001

Want to make a single CD that holds five, even ten hours of music,
displays songs titles and artist names, and offers sophisticated jukebox
functions? Sure you do! But how? Just burn an MP3 disc. Learn how with
Rudy Trubitt's step-by-step guide.

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Name That Tune: Using CD-Text with Easy CD Creator 5
by Rudy Trubitt

posted to the Roxio newsletters on June 22, 2001

CDs can hold a lot of music. Many oldies compilations have over 20
tracks. While you probably remember the song order for Abbey Road by
heart, you don't want to have to play "Name That Tune" every time you
put in a CD. Sure, you could grab the jewel case and look it up if
you're not doing the dishes or changing lanes. But it sure would be
nice if your CD player displayed the song and/or artist's name,
instead of just "Track 14."

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Choosing Blank Media for Music CDs
By Rudy Trubitt

posted to the Roxio newsletters on February 2, 2001

Burning audio CDs has never been easier. But listening to them on
different disc players isn't always as simple: will they play, or
won't they? Compatibility starts with choosing the right recordable

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